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Reading, for me, leads to writing, as day leads into night and night back into day; they are halves of a whole. I was one of those kids who cracked the code early; I've been reading since I was three, and the writing came later once I'd learned to hold a pencil, but when it came, it really burst forth. Everything a working writer does I have done-- I have written and published everything, from corporate annual reports, to radio ads, children's poetry, -fiction and -non-fiction, to memoir and now, my first novel for adults. Spunk, a Fable is a lot like me; "just dirty enough."

Tonight's the Night!

I will be a guest tonight on Real Talk with Cleverminds on Las Vegas Talk Radio http://klav1230am.com/Shows/Real-Talk-With-Cleverminds.html
It is an internet radio station, so if you can't listen while it's live, you can listen after it is archived. If you do listen live, you can call in at 702-731-1230 | TOLL FREE: 1-866-820-5528

I'll be talking about Spunk, a Fable!
  (What else)