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Reading, for me, leads to writing, as day leads into night and night back into day; they are halves of a whole. I was one of those kids who cracked the code early; I've been reading since I was three, and the writing came later once I'd learned to hold a pencil, but when it came, it really burst forth. Everything a working writer does I have done-- I have written and published everything, from corporate annual reports, to radio ads, children's poetry, -fiction and -non-fiction, to memoir and now, my first novel for adults. Spunk, a Fable is a lot like me; "just dirty enough."

Seven Percent of Women Worldwide Have Sexual Violence Histories





The World Health Organization recently defined sexual violence as being physically forced to have sex, having sex because you were afraid of what your partner might do and being compelled to do something sexual that was humiliating or degrading.


The organization also examined rates of sexual violence against women by someone other than a partner and found about 7 percent of women worldwide had previously been a victim. This reality forms the deep background of Spunk, a Fable. Spunk begins when a group of young feminists en route to a protest march in 1972 are prevented from reaching their destination by an unnamed cataclysm. Their long-term survival hinges on their prior experiences of--and beliefs about


male-female sexual violence, and the need to resist it; becoming violent themselves, if necessary.


Is sexual violence ever understandable? Forgiveable? What if it were female vs. male violence? If the victims were to become the victimizers . . . what then?



Source: http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/health-science/sexual-violence-epidemic-1.1508516