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Reading, for me, leads to writing, as day leads into night and night back into day; they are halves of a whole. I was one of those kids who cracked the code early; I've been reading since I was three, and the writing came later once I'd learned to hold a pencil, but when it came, it really burst forth. Everything a working writer does I have done-- I have written and published everything, from corporate annual reports, to radio ads, children's poetry, -fiction and -non-fiction, to memoir and now, my first novel for adults. Spunk, a Fable is a lot like me; "just dirty enough."

Sex Over Sixty? Women Say, "Yes, Please" But Not to These Guys!

Thanks, author and speaker Renee Fisher, for your hilarious series of Huff Po articles on "Sex and the Sixty-Year-Old." In Part 2, excerpted here, we learn of Renee's friend Susan, a 60+ woman who is trying her luck at internet dating. Sadly, most of that luck has been bad, with come-ons like this:


"For those of you who believe my friend Susan hasn't given online dating enough of a chance, rest assured she has been doing this since the original site, Cavematch.com. Thus far, she has only excluded the sites that would result in the FBI confiscating her computer."


"After she is contacted by men, and, after she continues to communicate with them via personal email and phone calls, she is able to eliminate most of them as not a good match for her. "Not a good match" may mean various things:"


"1. Men who send her photos of their genitals.

Susan assures me that this has happened on more than one occasion. I didn't ask her if they were Glamour Shots or just candid shots. It might make a difference." And so on."


Check out rest of Renee Fisher's original post; it's riotously funny.


What did my plus-sixty squeeze write online that attracted me almost five years ago? "Boris Seeks Natasha." Right away I knew he was:


  • Whimsical,
  • Witty,
  • A Rocky and Bullwinkle fan,
  • In my ballpark, agewise and otherwise
  • a Baby Boomer.


A man like that has got to be great in bed . . .  I figured. And I was right! If sex between seniors upsets your sense of order or propriety, then you probably won't like Spunk, a Fable, my new novel available on amazon.com. If, on the other hand, you are open to the idea that sex can continue to be a vital and important part of a happy life as long as the parties involved are interested, then you will love this sexy, crazy, dystopian romp.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/renee-fisher/online-dating-over-50_b_3443781.html